Do you pay attention to when you post on social media, or do you just go with the flow and post when you’re able to? Posting at the right times can mean the difference between being seen or getting missed.

Do you keep an editorial calendar or schedule¬†of your upcoming posts so that your account never sits empty too long? Making a strategic plan of when you are going to post to social media can really make a difference. Each social media platform offers the option to schedule future posts so you can add, for example, a week’s worth of posts at once. Or, you can use an integrated posting service like Buffer, Post Planner, or Hootsuite to schedule and publish your social media posts at specific times.

This infographic shows the best and worst time to post to social media based on user traffic data. However, not EVERYONE posts at the same time or social media news feeds would not be used 24/7.  You should use these times as a starting point and test, test, test!! Use your analytics to evaluate what time of day has the most interaction. A good rule of thumb is to post consistently at set times for 6 weeks; then review your analytics and adjust.

We have found that different industries have different peak times, so it’s important to find the right time for your industry to get the maximum results for your time and energy spent on social media.

Happy Posting!

best and worst times to post to social media

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