1. Don’t shoot vertical video

We’re living in a widescreen world! Laptops, televisions, your Twitter or Facebook feed, and your website are all examples of places where a vertical video probably won’t look great.

2. Use a tripod

No matter how steady your hands are, it’s definitely worth the extra effort to stabilize your shots with a tripod, both for photo and video shooting. Tripods are super affordable and if you get one you’ll notice that you can get high quality video clips and photos without much hassle.

3. Don’t use the zoom

Avoid the temptation to use your smartphone’s built-in zoom. You’ll get much clearer results by simply moving the camera closer to the object you’re shooting.

4. If your shots are too dark, invest in some lighting

Have you ever used the built-in camera flash on a smartphone? They’re generally quite terrible. Try to get as much natural light on your subject as possible (position your subject near a window), or invest in some professional lights.

5. Use cool online tools to edit your video and make them more professional

You can use an online service like Shakr to make some great videos. What I love about Shark is you choose a design you like, upload your photos and videos, edit your text and bam, your done. Very professional looking videos ready to publish to your website, upload to Facebook or YouTube and share in a an email.

Have a tip you think we should add to the list? Comment below.